Friday, 18 June 2010

Coloured promotional mugs for a colourful summer

The summer is looking like a good one with plenty of hot days to come and there's plenty of colour going to be spread about the towns and cities in Britain. All the more reason to make your brand stand out by having it printed on to promotional mugs when everyone takes on all their extra fluids in the summer sun.

In particular, Acrylic printed mugs are an ideal option for when people are out and about in the summer months. They are hard wearing because they're are of a plastic construction so they are ideal for taking outside with out fear of breakages. They are also vailable in a wide range of colours including black, blue, clear, green, red, white and yellow! These printed mugs are also available as recycled mugs which are white and a recycled classic acrylic mug which is black.

As an alternative to the open topped acrylic mugs, you could opt for thermo mugs instead which have a swivel lid which is equally adept at holding cold and hot drinks (of course not at the same time)! These mugs are also available in a range of styles including brushed metal!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Stainless Steel Thermo Mug

Stylish, sophisticated and silver! The stainless steel thermo mug is by far and away one of the best designed thermo mugs on the market today. Its flip open lid with slidable cover for disguising the drinking hole adds to the chic appearance of these great promotional products. You can wow your customers with its 450ml capacity and is ideal for insulating both hot and cold drinks. Its stainless steel finish and practical secure lid makes this unique mug a mans/womans best friend! You can guarantee that they'll do nothing other than add class to your brand when printed on the sides of these cost effective yet professional looking mugs.

You can rest assured that the quality of these promotional gifts is second to none and its brushed metal body with frosted solid black trim gives these printed mugs the right aura and as a result your customer ill also have the right perception of your brand too.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Promotional Mugs accessories

You dress up in promotional clothing and yo may well wear accessories. You use printed pencil cases and they'll most likely be a selction of accessories to go with it including promotional pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and sharpeners.

Promotional mugs can have accessories too though... what about printed coasters? I mean there is a huge range of styles to choose from including vinyl coasters, pulp beer mats, leather and acrylic coasters. What about after your mug of hot tea from printed thermo mugs... how about mint drops? There also printed swwets containers and dispensers for mint drops and jelly beans.

The other alternative form of drink retention are sports bottles and these themselves are accessories that are vital to those with a more energetic lifestyle and those involved in sports teams etc.

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